Emily McKnight


  • Age Range:18-28
  • Hair Colour:Dark Brown
  • Eye Colour:Dark Brown
  • Web:https://vimeo.com/emilymcknight
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  • 2019 Theatre Gravity Guts by Sophia Simmons Company of Rogues Erica Lovell Sophia
  • 2019 Theatre Ginger. Black. Brunette. Blonde. by Peter Maple Company of Rogues Simon Thomson Sarah
  • 2019 Television Black Comedy ABC Steven McGregor Stacy/Stacey's Friend
  • 2019 Stage Kids Proms Concert Kur-ring-gai Philharmonic Orchestra Lucy-Rose Steggles Presenter
  • 2019 Commercial Elevit Ad Good Oil Fiona McGee Jules
  • 2018 Theatre Gravity Guts Pioneer Theatre Festival Goldele Rayment Sophie
  • 2018 Music Kid's Entertainment itunes/spotify Robing Gist, Peter Bailey, Emily McKnight Emily Who
  • 2018 Theatre Macbeth SheShakespeare Shelley Casey Lady Macbeth
  • 2018 Theatre TickTickBoom subtlenuance Paul Gilchrist Jodie
  • 2017 Stage Words of War Poetry In Action Samantha Smith Emily
  • 2017 Stage Words That Changed The World Poetry In Action Bryce Youngmen Emily
  • 2017 Television Jay's Jungle 7two Ian Munro Ranger Lani
  • 2017 Stage The Paper TIger Poetry In Action Darren Gilshenan Lewis
  • 2017 Stage The Citizenship Test Poetry In Action` Jo Turner Emily
  • 2016 Television Jay's Jungle 7Two Ian Munro Ranger Lani
  • 2016 Stage Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Theatre on Chester Carla Moore Honey
  • 2015 Stage u2018The Heidi Chroniclesu2019 by Wendy Wasserstein Actors Centre Australia Kevin Jackson Heidi
  • 2015 Stage Fifth of Julyu2019 by Lanford Wilson Actors Centre Australia Kevin Jackson June
  • 2015 Stage Under Milkwood Tiny Horse Theatre Owen Esley Narrator
  • 2014 Stage Twelfth Nightu2019 by William Shakespeare Actors Centre Australia George Ogilvie & Jennifer West Fabian
  • 2014 Stage u2018Ivanovu2019 by Anton Chekhov Actors Centre Australia Cristabel Sved Sasha
  • 2014 Stage Verbatim Theatre Project Actors Centre Australia Dean Carey Portugese Women
  • 2014 Stage u2018Henry VIu2019 by William Shakespeare Actors Centre Australia George Ogilvie & Jennifer West Prince Edward
  • 2014 Stage u2018As You like Itu2019 by William Shakespeare Actors Centre Australia George Ogilvie & Jennifer West Phoebe
  • 2012 Stage 'Table for One?' by Claire Haywood Chester St Theatre Valerie Miller Fran
  • 2011 Stage 'Alfred Deakin is Afraid of the Dark' by Carla Moore Taurus Productions Carla Moore Ivy
  • 2010 Stage 'The Freaku0022 by Kate Mulvany National Youth Theatre Company Lindsay Farris and James Millar Stevie
  • 2010 Stage u2018Dinkum Assortedu2019 by Linda Aronson Chester St Theatre Joy Sweeney Millie