Emma Burnside


  • Age Range:21-27
  • Ethnicity:Caucasian
  • Hair Colour:Brown(Honey)Blonde
  • Eye Colour:Brown
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  • Short Film The Resurgence Revolving Door Productions Robin Brown Misty
  • Short Film Rocky's Invite Alba Prime Glenn Biclar Agent Travel
  • Short Film La Scene Luna Seven Steven Abdilla/Jessica O'Bree Aliyah
  • Short Film The Sisterhood of Sophie and Mika Deakin University Lachie Allemand Sophie
  • Television The Curse A24 Nathan Fielder Co-Star
  • Video Heaven Music Video - James Teague Copper Sleep Jenna Erikson Butterfly
  • Theatre Dead Skin Diversity Entertainment Peter Blackburn Andrea
  • Television WTFitness Fantome Bay/Red Empire Productions Charles Jazz Terrier/Nicholas Potaris Melanie
  • Short Film Colony VCA Catherine Bonny Rhian
  • Short Film All You Can Be Thanks Dad Productions Bradley Hall Michelle
  • Corporate Work Ace Kart Safety Briefing Video Alba Prime Glenn Biclar Demonstrator
  • Commercial Sony Bravia HDR MIM & Production Pty Ltd Masa Ise English Backpacker
  • Commercial Mazda 3 Accessories Mazda Will Gunn Female Car Owner
  • Feature Film A Little Resistance Phototropic Films Michael Loder, Charles Terrier Nikita
  • Feature Film Jahasra! SBS Network/Graca Productions Dominic Billings Baldas Girl #3
  • Feature Film Living Space Tru Dot Films Steven Spiel Isabel
  • Feature Film Life On Earth: Severance Wee Arthur Films Angelo Salamanca Billie Hartman
  • Commercial Little Blue Button Sportsbet Dave Wood Tennis Woman