Gary Leonard Belshaw


  • Age Range:45-60
  • Ethnicity:Caucasian
  • Hair Colour:Light Brown
  • Eye Colour:Blue
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  • 2022 Short Film Home to the Fields student film Ruben Dale Doug
  • 2022 Short Film Kung Fu Magic Henery Bird Production Henery Bird Kung Fu Demon
  • 2022 Short Film The Stranger student film Phoenix Bercini burly Guy
  • 2022 Short Film Where's the meat student film Electra Noble Husband
  • 2022 Short Film Final String student film Maximillian Dalton Jerry
  • 2022 Short Film All I Knew student film Tristan Clark Kev
  • 2022 Commercial bud Burgers Bud Burgers Michaela Le BBQ Dad
  • 2022 Documentary What I want to be when I grow up Student film Phoebe Tilise Interviewed
  • 2020 Commercial Anti smoking Cancer council NSW Smoker
  • 2020 Commercial Snooze Bellwether Agency Micca Delaney Actor
  • 2009 Feature Film Wolferine Marvel Entertainment Gavin Hood Extra