James Saunders


  • Age Range:25-40
  • Ethnicity:Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander
  • Hair Colour:Black
  • Eye Colour:Brown
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  • 2020 Theatre Good Grief Independent Latifa Amal-Schwarz Josh
  • 2020 Short Film Cadence JMC Baillie Rubagotti Cadence
  • 2019 Short Film Brolga AIF Adrian Powers The Storyteller
  • 2015 Short Film Under Skin, In Blood Brown Cabs Larissa Behrendt Jack
  • 2014 Documentary Who We Are: Brave New Clan CAAMA/FOXTEL Leah Purcell Main character
  • 2013 Documentary AFTRS Lavarch Productions Larissa Behrendt Clan
  • 2011 Television Wild Boys Southern Star Entertainment Ian Barry Alby the Tracker