Kirsty Mckenzie


  • DOB:01/11/1992
  • Age Range:25-35
  • Ethnicity:European
  • Hair Colour:Auburn
  • Eye Colour:Blue / Green
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  • 2020 Feature Film Magic Rooftop Films Elvis Joseph Lead
  • 2020 Feature Film Saving Grace GC Imagery Gareth Carr Lead
  • 2019 Short Film A Blaster in the Right Hands LunaCraft Productions Richard De Carvalho Lead
  • 2019 Music Video Bullet Time- Shy Panther Group Therapy Records Daniel Swinton Lead
  • 2019 Theatre Grapes of Wrath New Theatre Louise Fischer Mrs Wainwright & Ensemble
  • 2019 Theatre Richard III Tiny Monster Productions Jared Morgan Queen Elizabeth & Richmond
  • 2019 Feature Film Guilt Karl Jenner Karl Jenner Supporting
  • 2017 Commercial Goodoil Apia Abe Forsythe Hipster Female
  • 2017 Feature Film 2.22 Lightstream Entertainment Paul Curie Featured Extra
  • 2017 Short Film Rearview Action Creative Ren Thackham Lead
  • 2016 Short Film French Girls Hyun Lee Productions Hyun Lee Lead
  • 2016 Short Film Three Women Arrive ShowStudio Marie Schuller Lead
  • 2015 Short Film Glow Action Creative Ren Thackham Lead
  • 2015 Music Video American Girl Mind Over Matter Dale Alexander Bremner Lead
  • 2015 Short Film Brainless Killers Action Creative Ren Thackham Lead
  • 2015 Commercial Asahi Super Dry Green Tea Film & Television Kan Ishii Hero Girl
  • 2014 Model Web Eyewear Campaign Boss models Carlo Miari Fulcis Lead
  • 2013 Feature Film Mad Max- Fury Road KLC Casting George Miller Featured Extra- Wretched