Lena Sandberg


  • Age Range:33-38
  • Ethnicity:Caucasian
  • Hair Colour:Light Brown
  • Eye Colour:Hazel
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  • 2020 Feature Film Moonrock for Monday Lunar Pictures Kurt Martin Cashier
  • 2019 Short Film The Lovers Enchanter Pty ltd Gareth Tilson Elizabeth (Lead)
  • 2018 Voice Over Husqvarna Online Voices, Sweden
  • 2017 Commercial Local Court Lawyers Deli Agency David Fairhurst Woman
  • 2016 Television Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am Skit Box Prodns. Adele Vuko Steph
  • 2015 Corporate Work BT Go-Invest Vital Signs Productions Rodd Martin Professional woman
  • 2015 Feature Film Indigo Lake Cobbstar Productions Martin Simpson Screaming Lady
  • 2014 Corporate Work Rural Health Black Dog Institute Sally (Bipolar/Rayna (Anxiety)
  • 2014 Stage Dry Erase BJ Short+Sweet Brett Garland Isobel
  • 2013 Television Deadly Women (Series 7) Clara Carl Beyond Productions John Mavety Wedding Guest
  • 2013 Television Wanted Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder Matt Bird Alice Tyrell
  • 2013 Television Haunting Australia Flame Productions Matt Bird Nurse/Maid
  • 2013 Corporate Work Personal Safety When Providing Care (Training Video) Aged Care Channel Australia Gillian Arnold Care Worker Mum
  • 2012 Television Cheese on Toast Deep End Digital Film Group James Sharpe Edna
  • 2012 Short Film The Rooster Must Die Square Elephant Productions Parag Sankhe Mary
  • 2012 Short Film Walkaway Creative Media Institute Roger Francis Cook Jules Wainwright (Lead)
  • 2011 Feature Film Temporary Spirits Deep End Digital Film Group James Sharpe Lucy
  • 2011 Short Film Friends Against Facebook Bubble Up! TV Roy Petersen The Battery Chick (Lead)
  • 2011 Short Film Replant LFS Diego F. Reyes-Cancino Tereza Eulen (Lead)
  • 2011 Voice Over Chevrolet Connect Independent
  • 2010 Feature Film Saving James Deep End Digital Film Group James Sharpe Mrs Ling
  • 2010 Stage Debut Productions Soho Theatre Hannah Kaye Woman
  • 2010 Short Film Elizabeth Deep End Digital Film Group James Sharpe Elizabeth (Lead)
  • 2009 Television The Napoleon Complex Bubble Up! TV Roy Petersen Lucia
  • 2007 Stage Uncommon Women Charing Cross Theatre Sean McLevy Carter
  • 2007 Voice Over AIG Insurance Campaign Productions