Philippe Sung




  • 2015 Short Film At The Edge Of Night Blood Moon Films Brandon Fayette Aaron
  • 2014 Television Strange LA Kid Sister Jonas Kord Brad
  • 2014 Commercial Subaru (US) Carmichael Lynch Lance Accord Main
  • 2013 Television Keystone Break Media Brandon Fayette Kaine
  • 2013 Television Hart of Dixie CW Network Janice Cook Eric
  • 2012 Short Film This Is Not A Rom-Com IFSS Marty Viet Isaac
  • 2012 Short Film Bound AFTRS Laura Scrivano Christos
  • 2012 Short Film Depths AFTRS Brendan Cain Julian
  • 2012 Television Rake 2 ABC Kate Dennis Waiter
  • 2012 Commercial Apple iPhone (Australia) TBWA Andrew Douglas Main
  • 2012 Television Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries ABC Various Eps: David Caesar & Emma Freeman Lin Chung
  • 2012 Radio Wild In The Heart (Part Two): A Dorothy Hewett Anthology ABC Radio National Rodney Fisher Narration
  • 2011 Stage ACA Graduate Showcase ACA Dean Carey / Simon Hunt Various
  • 2011 Stage Orpheus Descending ACA Rodney Fisher Valentine
  • 2011 Radio Wild In The Heart (Part One): A Dorothy Hewett Anthology ABC Radio National Rodney Fisher Narration
  • 2010 Stage Times Of War / Forgetting ACA Jennifer West / Sam Chester Ensemble
  • 2010 Stage Romeo and Juliet ACA Simon Hunt Lord Capulet / Lord Montague
  • 2010 Stage Reality Bytes ACA Dean Carey Verbatim Character: 9/11 Survivor
  • 2010 Commercial NSW Tourism (Australia & NZ) Luscious Int'l Richard Gibson Main
  • 2010 Stage Three Sisters ACA George Ogilvie Soliony
  • 2009 Stage Sweet Phoebe ACA Andrew Lloyde Fraser
  • 2009 Commercial Hyundai Korea N/A Main
  • 2009 Commercial Kia Soul Korea John Park Main
  • 2009 Commercial MiZone China Ken Lambert Main
  • 2009 Stage The End Of Things ACA Sam Chester / Simon Hunt Ensemble